How I Started Blogging

How I Started Blogging

Blogging was just a word for me when I was in the 8th standard, I was completely unaware about the blogs and how it can be written. At that time of my life, I rarely read blogs and I didn’t have much interest in that. But one day I suddenly got an interest in blogging and it is now my primary occupation, or in other words, I am loving blogging and it is my passion. In this article, I will share how I started blogging and how I started loving it. So, without wasting any time let’s dive into the article.

Starting stage

When I was in the 8th standard, one of my family friend, asked me ‘why you can’t write blogs’. At that time, I said ‘what blogs? What it is?’. At that time, I was totally unaware about the environment of blogging and as a school student, I thought that it is something bigger and I cannot able to manage. I also said that who will spend the time for these things, but that guy explained me about the blogging and he asked me to join with him to write articles on his website. It was one of the most important turning points of my life, I started to read articles and started researching on different topics.

My first article

After reading different articles for a couple of days to gain some idea about the writing style and the way how we can present things in front of the audience I decided to draft my first article. In between that he give me the account details, I logged in to the website and it was a completely new experience for me because I never came across at the backend of a website before that day and I slowly understood the environment of the backend and it was my first glance at the WordPress. And I uploaded my first article and that was related to the keyboard shortcuts of the computer which learned and gathered the information from very long research. However, I couldn’t able to concentrate on blogging very well because I had the pressure of my studies and classes. And I could not able to follow the rules and regulations properly and that led me to various mistakes which I realized. Then I took the decision to stop writing on the website of my friend who invited me to blogging, but I started to love the blogging and slowly an interest was build in my mind.

After that, I created an account on Google’s Blogger platform and I started to write small-small articles in between my studies and did not write on the regular basis because I have to study and slowly I was inching closer to my board exam. So, I write one article in a month or in three months. In this way, things went for a couple of years, and I completed my schooling. After my schooling, I said to myself that blogging is something which I can do and it will be an important link in my life, I took blogging more seriously and started to spend more time in this.


My experience in blogger is something really cool as it was the place where I learned more about blogging and I also learn how to tweak the themes, as I download free templates for Blogger. I slowly started to write articles and I started to increase the number of articles and in that way, I got more and more interest in blogging. But at that time, I wasn’t able to give my full time for this because I have to study for my graduation. But after the college days, I realize that blogging is my primary occupation and it is my passion. I decided that I will spend my full time for this and I planned to move to a self-hosted website, and I migrate from Google’s Blogger to WordPress.


It was the completely different environment for me because WordPress is totally different than blogger and it does not have any similarities with the Blogger platform. Moreover, it’s now super admin account and I have to take care of more things and have more responsibilities. I started researching about the WordPress themes, important plugins, keyword, and more. I started learning about focus keyword, SEO and at that time I met with a friend – Arun. He is my one of the best friend and he taught me many things in WordPress and guided me. He is my advisor of mine, he showed me how I can work around the WordPress and he introduced many things which I have never seen before.

I started spending my complete time on it and started writing and now I write almost 10 to 15 articles in a day, the interest and passion for blogging increases day by day. And that resulted, I do write on other websites and I also own multiple websites.

Applying AdSense

I did not apply for Google AdSense till 2016, because I want to write blogs to help the world. But when it became my primary occupation and I want to stand on my legs, I decided to apply for the Adsense and I got the verification instantly.

Blogging is one of the best area to work because I feel that in blogging it gives you the complete freedom and you are your own boss. You can do work whenever you can do and you can do at your comfort.

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December 30, 2018

Fantastic effort done πŸ‘


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