We Will Never Stop Our Support - Kerala Blasters

We Will Never Stop Our Support – Kerala Blasters

In India Cricket is the most favourite sports, but the ‘Gods Own Country’ Kerala loves every sporting actions and football is something like the heartbeat of every Keralite. The people of the state follows the matches and supports the team by traveling kilometers away from their home, that is the reason for Kerala become the most crowded place for the Indian Super League (ISL) matches.

Since the ISL tournament started, the entire people of the state – Kerala supports the team Kerala Blasters. The entire state stood with the team in every ups and downs, and each and every fan will not say or think to stop the support and love say towards the team. However, one would say – we will bounce back again after every single match. That is the reason why the home ground of Kerala Blasters named as the Home Of The 12th Man.

We Will Never Stop Our Support - Kerala Blasters

This year, the performance of the team was really disappointed and everyone felt the feeling of sadness and frustration. But we kept our hope and support for the team, now Kerala Blasters is out of the tournament and the team has drawn its last and final match of this season in front of their audience and on their home ground.

Being a fan of the Kerala Blasters team, it’s a very sad situation because when we look back, there’s nothing to cheer and to keep our pride. At this situation, I would like to say to the team and its management. You people must have a responsibility to pay back something to the supporters who love the team and who follows with the team miles away from their home and takes off from their work.

We would not say to win every match or we would not say you guys to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament. But we want to keep our pride and never want to keep our heads down in front of others, because we love the game and the team very much. In this season, if we observe to the matches, no one would say that the team played in the full form and with the concentration. Everyone came and played, in a way, like to complete their job. And at the end of the day, the heartbreak for the fans who love the team Kerala Blasters as their own family.

I would take this opportunity to request the entire management of Kerala Blasters to sort out all kinds of issues and come back in the next season like a ‘BOSS’. As I said above, we will never keep away from the team and we will never stop our love and support towards the team. We are the Blasterians and we will be forever.

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