Dreams On Wings

A regular follower of my blogs can easily recall the numerous instances at which I have mentioned the plight of being trapped inside the four walls of a room.

Though my computer screen has served as a window to my wandering soul to see the outside world virtually, it can never match the pleasure & excitement of stepping out & to feel the brush of wind on one’s face. Yes, finally, after a long span of 25 years, I have got a chance to venture out of the four walls of my home.

The song I am coming home has been playing at the back of my mind since the day the tickets were booked. To where? To my hometown, Kerala! For someone who has been wheelchair bound his whole life, this is beyond one of the biggest dream come true feeling. I am thrilled! To explore nature, meet people whom I have seen only on screen, listening to the songs of birds, drizzling rain & what not. This would be my first flight too!

Hence, the name Dreams On Wings. All this might not sound exciting to you but just for once, if you step into my shoes (or wheelchair, to be precise) you would know how overwhelming it is for people like me. I will try to capture my experience & present the world through my eyes to you all. Keep me in your prayers.

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