My Biggest Competitor

My Biggest Competitor

I have always been my own biggest competition & critic. When the rest of the world is busy comparing their life & success with others when they run the rat race with others, I believe in competing with myself, the person I was yesterday.

I yearn to become better than what I was yesterday. My competition is with Akhil Joseph’s body & Appu’s mind. Life throws challenges in which we may not always win. Circumstances may not be always favourable. Most of us let our dreams die a silent death there. But I believe & enjoy bringing out the best in such circumstances.

Life isn’t a walk in a garden for all. It isn’t easy to live a life filled with grief but once we get used to the thorns, at some time they too feel like flowers. Once you feel content, nothing can shake you. Since I compete against myself, I love the feeling of winning & even if I lose, it’s against myself, a motivation to try better tomorrow. It’s a win-win situation. I have set a target, a goal for myself & have never used a shortcut to reach there. Holidays aren’t a part of my calendar anymore. Work is the only good friend I have. Always motivating me to make it better. Certainly, it will make my ultimate goal. Neither do I believe in taking shortcuts nor do I believe in leaving people behind.

Good Lord only knows how things take a turn for me tomorrow. But the so called competition, will always be with me, against me & no one else, yesterday, today, tomorrow. Come what may, I will never give up and hopefully always win.

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Nisha Krishnan
November 28, 2021



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