Everything Depends On Priorities

“I am busy”
“I forgot to call you back”,
“My phone didn’t have enough charge”

Which of these did you hear recently??
or let’s make it easier…
When was the last time you uttered/texted these??

Sounds monotonous?? We hear these so often that we prefer ignoring it over contemplating about it.

Most of us are very much dependent on technology for the majority of our tasks At least I am, but for the way I am. Some of us prefer spending time with our phones over human interaction. But a handful of us still believes in meeting people, being in touch a bit more often than others, having deep meaningful conversations, texts. These belong to the species, who meet people and feel immediately connected to a few. And when the connection feels real, their hearts yearn to be in constant touch.

Here, enters my favourite means… “Technology”. When technology lets you be in touch with just a voice call, video call or even a simple text, one’s lack of prioritization skills could be the reason for the overuse of the above-mentioned dialogues. Or one of the easy ways to cite one’s TIME-LESS-NESS.

We often forget, it is not about having time, it is about making time. It is also about what number a person is on, in the list of priorities of the other. Unfortunately, [or fortunately for some ;)..] technology has not reached an apogee where we could read the minds and hearts of humans. OR where we could see how a person feels when his feelings are not reciprocated, his calls unreturned, his texts ignored. Maybe, the technology gurus did it intentionally, to save human relationships from grave disintegration.

When I lay on my bed and rewind my day in my head I often think, Lord Almighty might have created us all differently but has granted the same 24 hours to every entity on earth. Not a second more, nor a second less. Then what makes people a little less busy than others? TIME OR PRIORITIES?

Well, I just want to say please stop saying the above-mentioned dialogue and try to give your time to those who love you, as your small dialogue hurts the other person very badly. Because a few minutes of yours, gives lots of happiness to the person who is trying to interact with you.

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