My whole life has been a set of challenges. First of it, was the realization that I won’t be ever able to walk on my own. Along with it came numerous back to back challenges and every challenge has made me stronger and better. If you have been following my blogs, you would know that I am wheelchair-bound and need help with most of my daily chores. My muscles degenerate over time and there isn’t any treatment for this disease till now.

There were happier times when I could do most of my work myself without depending much on anyone. I couldn’t walk right from the beginning but was content and happy with the work I could manage to do myself with the help of my arms. Self-dependence was my forte when it came to the work I did. But then one fine day in the year 2018, I fell and things changed completely since then.

My right arm started giving up and so did my self-confidence. Sudden overdependence on others even for the most basic tasks made me depressed. My beloved parents who have always been my greatest support stood by me.Β  The only thing which wasn’t supportive enough was my own body. I smiled, even when I was deeply hurt inside so as not to hurt my Papa, Amma, and a few of my own people in the process.

I thought to myself, this was not the time to give up. Even with a minimally functional right arm, I continued to work and still do, with the greatest support of my loving mother. After God and my beloved parents, technology has been my right hand. Voice Controlled apps are a blessing for people like us. Most of the appliances I use are now controlled by my voice commands. Almost all my little-big tasks are voice-controlled now.

My challenges are updating like the apps on our smartphones but I strongly believe, I will overcome this too, the way I did, all this while. My favourite quote has been NEVER GIVE UP for a reason.

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