Challenging Situations Made Me Stronger

Challenging Situations Made Me Stronger

Hello world, I am Akhil who born with a disability which restricts me from all the activities which are a normal human being do. And the disability made me sit on a chair, as I cannot able to walk or move without the help of somebody, but I never settle down, because I want to achieve something and want to chase my dreams. So in this article, I will tell you how different challenging situations made me stronger.


As I said above, I can’t able to walk or move and that’s why my childhood was totally different than a normal child. As I can’t able to play in the ground or run with friends etc. Initially, I thought that every child is like this, but slowly I realized that it is the issue of only me. I understood my situation and didn’t become sad about that but I tried to play with other children by sitting on a chair and commenting. And at a stage of schooling, my parents tried to accommodate me in a school, but many big schools declined to give admission, and that’s not because of the intellectual issue but due to my disability.


But anyhow I managed to get admission in a school which was run by a Swami, and when I go to school children started to make fun and mock me. As I was sitting on a wheelchair and that time I was very fatty, and kids used to say ‘you cannot able to do anything’. It was a very tough time, but at that time, I made a decision that I will not complain about all these things but I will show everyone that I have done something.

From there I tried to study hard and achieve good marks and also become school topper for two times and to complete my schooling, I gone to three different schools, and I changed schools because of different situations but with the grace of God, I successfully completed the schooling with decent gradings.

College Days

After completing school, it’s time to join for higher studies and I wanted to become a software engineer but for that I need to go classes daily and there were some limitations for that and that’s why I decided to join into a college which was nearby my home and I took admission for ‘English and Communication’, the subject which does not have any connection with my character. But I started to learn it and after completing one year, I prepared for the exam and at that time, I got a news from the university that they will not allow me a writer (a writer who helps me to write the exam and the universities provide any junior student to write what I say), and the university authority said that they will give the writer only if I am blind. At that time, I have to leave that institution and lost my one year.

However, it doesn’t made me down and I immediately went to a different University and that was ‘Delhi University’ and from there, I got admission for one of my favourite subjects and that is ‘Economics’. I studied hard at home, as my college studies were at home and I used to go to college for exams and gave my best to complete the college. And all my efforts helped me to achieve a graduation degree with good marks, and that was one of my unforgettable moment.

Making Of Professional Career

In between the school and college, I got interested in the Blogging and Graphics/Web designing and I learned tips via Google. And after completing the college, I started to learn more through YouTube as well as developed my skill for in the blogging and decided that I will be a full-time blogger, and at the same time, I will do the graphics and web designing work whenever I get. To get attention, I showcased my works on many media and worked for free of cost to obtain experience and that awarded me some projects which were successfully completed.

Then I got the opportunity to collaborate with many brands to make a perfect identity for them and now I have completed a handful of projects in graphics as well as web designing field. Having said that, the blogging is also my passion and I have done more than 5,000 articles till date, and I have 3 brands under my belt – TechnoBugg, Gadgets Companion, and Android Den.

Well, I am still not settled down and I want to do something big which the world will recognize and wish to create an identity.

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December 15, 2018

U are disabled for the people who think they are capableble for everything.
U r true genius
With the grace of Almighty am cent percent sure u gonna make Ur parents proud

December 29, 2018

We are always proud of u wish u all the best for whatever you do and may almighty god bless you.

Congratulations Laletta - Akhil Joseph
March 11, 2019

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