Be The Reason For The Happiness Of Others

Being closed in the four walls of a room is the most difficult situation to explain and I am a person who knows the pain exactly. A person who goes out regularly watches birds, sky, trees, and other beauty of nature on regular basis may not able to understand the same.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Muscular Dystrophy (MD) are the names that are bigger than how it actually spells. It is a progressive disease and the same kills you without killing you. It grows with you and affects each and every muscle of the body at every stage of life. In my case, I was able to do all my things with my hands till 2018, but suddenly I started to lose the power of my hands and now I am dependent on others completely. This is the face of the disease and it is capable to hurt you even more as I know many people who can’t able to sit properly on a chair.

SMA and MD are two diseases but they have a similar attitude toward the patient. We can only smile and face the new challenges because there is no solution to avoid. We have to face and it is to be faced. But if you have a strong heart and mind then you can able to tackle the situation and overcome the challenges.

There are many people who are stuck inside their rooms without being able to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, if we wish to go out then we can able to do and that is proven by Mind, an NGO for the people who suffer from SMA and MD.

Emi Sebastian decided to take out some elder sisters of our Mind family for the first time to enjoy the beauty of nature and she was able to take out 12 such members who were not able to go out from their room for several years. Emi planned the campaign and executed the same for Mind in less than 90 days of time. I am blessed to know and attached to her.

Emi is a person who is ready to sacrifice her happiness for the fellow beings. A major example for many people, as she spends her whole time for the people who are suffering from SMA and MD. Emi is a member of the Mind group as well and she always tries to make happy and encourage others.

She decided to save her savings to take out the members of the Mind and I am blessed to be part of the campaign as well. I want to say thanks to some people (I don’t want to take the names) who also supported us to raise the fund for the same as well.

Koot – the volunteers wing of the Mind provided unconditional support for the campaign and I don’t want to call them as volunteers as they are the real well wishers and they have a bond with each and every member of Mind, that may not be able to find in our blood relation.

There were 9 members of Ernakulam District in Kerala in the campaign and they ride in Kochi Metro and spent their time in some popular places like Maharaja College and Subhash Park in Ernakulam.

I am damn sure that those 12 members will never forget each and every moment of the day. The moments will always be fresh forever in their remaining life.

I would love to request everyone to find their time and try to spend their time with those people who are stuck in their room, your little time can bring a massive change in their life.

Hats off to you my Emi for the unmatched effort for the campaign. Thank you, Koot for the support and the valuable time that you people spend the entire day.

I wish this to happen again and again and every Mind member can able to go out to enjoy the real beauty of nature. And always remember to try to be the reason for the happiness of others.

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