Never Lose Them

We do interact with a number of people in our daily lives but only some are connected to us. They may or may not be necessarily related to us. Could be our friends, cousins, or anyone. The people I know personally can be categorized as those who are so negative that they find a negative in everything you do, create barriers and talk in a way that is highly demotivating.

Whereas, on the other hand, we have people who know our problems, our limitations, yet just a small pep talk with them will build confidence in us to at least try even the most unachievable tasks and sometimes even achieve them!

There is this third category of people who are the pillars of our strength. They will stand by us in our ups and downs, and lowest lows. In most cases, parents take a strong stand in this category, if one is lucky enough. People in the first category might downgrade us, and try to pull us down but the people in the third category will rise up to the occasion and pull us up, one will always be a superman in their eyes.

If one is extremely lucky, there will be some people who have a strong bond than a person who is having blood relation with you, who would be as supportive as parents in every situation.

You can easily identify them with their positive attitude towards everything we do, and their willingness to stand by and cheer us up with their kind words at our downfalls.

It might be a bit difficult to identify them but soon we start vibing high with such gems. Is it too difficult to bifurcate the categories of people mentioned above? To open up for those who deserve to stay in your life and to show doors who don’t?

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