This Pain Will Remain Forever In Me


Sharing… The word sharing has a feel-good feel to it. One has to do it, to feel the positivity it entails. The good thing about sharing is, it need not necessarily be in monetary terms.

The simple act of sharing your food with the needy, the hungry, is enough to give the necessary push to oxytocin in our body. I wasn’t a regular sharer a year or two ago. Whenever I did, it was a four figure number which is seldom disclosed. But a friend cum chechi (sister) of mine whom I know for over a year now changed my perspective on sharing.

A recent update on the health of a stage 4 brain tumor patient for whom we did a crowdfunding a year ago, was overwhelming. The innocent smile on the face of the patient was such a relief and the feeling that we contributed a little towards that smile was inundating.

Nobody has ever become poor by giving. The universe works as a boomerang and brings back the good and the bad we do, in multifold. A candle looses nothing by lighting other candles. Infact, it makes world a brighter place. Let’s do our bit to make world a better place, to bring a smile to those in need. Let’s make sharing and donating a routine.

I have, will you?

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