Devices Which I Used

Being a gadget lover from childhood, love to have new gadgets and started to use a mobile phone with the nostalgic Nokia 3315. After that, I used and experienced a variety of devices and that includes the Symbian Phone, CDMA Phone, Windows Phone, and Android smartphones. After I started my professional career, I wished to own a flagship device and last year bought a real flagship killer. So, in this article, I’ll share the list of devices which I used and the devices which I still kept in my shelf.

My first phone – Nokia 3315

Devices Which I Used

I got a mobile phone for the first time in my school days, and the phone was the Nokia 3315. It was an amazing as well thrilling moment, and that device was nothing less than a premium device at that time. The phone offers the ‘Snake’ game which was the signature game of Nokia mobiles ahead of the Android arrival. I used the device for a couple of years, and migrated to a new device with the colour display. Having said that, the Nokia 3315 is still kept in my shelf, as it’s the nostalgic phone.

Nokia 3220

Devices Which I Used

It was my second phone, and it offered a variety of features such as the blinking lights on the sides when the phone rings or play games. The device supports MMS and it was the first medium for me to share media with friends and family. The device was stand out and gave a special feeling with the blinking lights feature. However, I changed the device after two years and kept with me. Unfortunately, the device stopped working a few years back and I deposit it in the box of recycling. And I’ll advise everyone to give the unwanted electronics products for the recycling process instead of throwing into the wastebasket.

Nokia 7210 SuperNova

Devices Which I Used

Next up, the Nokia 7210 SuperNova and it was the slimmer phone I used. The device offered features like the technology of Bluetooth and internal storage, but it didn’t last for too long. Even the device is dead, I still have the device with me.

Nokia C2-01

Devices Which I Used

It was another companion and I used the device for some time, it was also a decent device and working till now. I rested the phone on the shelf for the first Android smartphone.

Sony Xperia Tipo

Devices Which I Used

Xperia Tipo was the first Android device of mine, and the device opened the doors at plenty of applications and several other things which was new for me and first experience. But due to low-end specifications, it didn’t give a steady experience and after using it for a certain period time, I sold the device and it’s the only device which I’ve sold.

Moto G2

Devices Which I Used

The G-series bought the Motorola back on track, and that time, the brand was under the belt of the tech giant Google. I purchased the device in 2014, and it’s too special for me because I purchased it with my earned money. The smartphone was the perfect companion and I still use the device as my secondary phone.

OnePlus 6T

Devices Which I Used

The dream come true device, I owned the device on the very day of its official unveiling and it’s my first flagship device. The smartphone offers amazing design and cool specifications and that makes it a true flagship killer. Actually, I was planned to buy Pixel smartphone, but the OnePlus 6T changed my decision.

OnePlus 6T is the perfect blend of the style, power, and the latest technology. With this device, you will get a better notch and it can be hidden as well, the smartphone also gives an amazing display. The OnePlus 6T offers the in-display fingerprint scanner and that’s the more convenient way to unlock the device and the smartphone also features face unlock and that also works in a great way.

It is powered by Snapdragon 845 and I purchased the 8 GB RAM + 256 GB storage variant, and the device offers super cool performance and you can enjoy the speed in this smartphone.

The OnePlus 6T rocks dual camera and that consists of 16 megapixel + 20 megapixel at the rear side and a 16 megapixel front camera. That said, both the rear and front cameras are powered by the Sony Exmor sensors, and the camera department also supports an optical image stabilizer, 480fps slow motion, 4K at 60fps slow motion, Portrait mode, along with the new Night mode feature.

The Night mode will serve you with better low-light shots, but to use this feature, you need to keep the device still until it captures. It is worth to mention that, the front camera is not that awesome. But it is pretty decent under the Portrait mode.  Overall, the camera department of the device is pretty good.

It runs on the OxygenOS which is based on the Android Pie and the software gives you close to the stock Android experience. Having said that, the smartphone brand pushes the monthly security updates and improves the performance of the device with regular updates to its custom skin. The smartphone also has a great battery and it will serve the whole day with a singe charge even in the heavy usage.

Totally, I’m satisfied with the device and feeling happy to purchase such an amazing smartphone as my first flagship device. I would love to recommend the smartphone and you can find the buy link below. If you have any kind of doubt then shoot it in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to help.

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