Lockdown Is Nothing New For Me

Lockdown Is Nothing New For Me

Since March 24, when the first lockdown was announced across the country, I am hearing people say that they are boring and frustrated by sitting in their homes. They want to go out to meet with their friends, to go to loved places, and to roam in other public places freely. I am not against their feeling but I just want to say that the lockdown is nothing new for me.

Well, as I am a person who swims to the opposite side. I’m always like in lockdown and ‘Never Goes Out’ from the doors of my home but just like any other person I also like to see the blue sky, the green fields and all the other beautiful places which give you happiness. However, my limitations deny access to those places.

Having said that, there are many like me who are locked inside the room and viewing the world and beauty of nature through the windows or social media platforms such as YouTube, as it is the main medium which helps to explore the world and also to know various things which are around us.

I would like to say that this situation is temporary and it will be changed as soon as the researchers discover vaccination for this deadly disease and that particular vaccination will not only kill coronavirus but also retain our previous life. So, please don’t disappoint and upset. You guys can able to utilize this lockdown to strengthen your inner part and also to sharpen the skills which are inside and that was ignored or unnoticed.

Also, try to find some time to spend with those people who are locked inside their room forever, as it will help them to forget the pain and also to know that they are not alone because that particular feeling is very harsh and I know that very well.

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