I Am Always On The Edge

I Am Always On The Edge

I am person who needs an uninterrupted supply of help and support from others. Every person has a routine but my routines are not mine. It begins from the dawn when a person comes to help me with my morning routines. Unfortunately, my routines are not mine since everything depends on the help giver’s time, comfort and convenience.

Since I require help, my parents appointed a person who could help me with my morning chores. The guy has been behaving weird these days. I can sense rudeness growing in his behaviour day by day. All he is concerned about is money when the work he does calls for compassion more than anything else. Apart from the fixed salary, which is never delayed by a day, he takes multiple advance amounts and other benefits which I don’t want to mention because as it is said that the left hand must not know what the right hand gives.

However, the day we question his behaviour or deny the repeated request for money, he threatens to quit. I have used the word ‘threaten’ because it creates alot of trouble even on days he takes an off. Multiple calls and requests needs to be made to make alternate arrangements.

Also, there is no accountability for the money and behaviour. For instance, yesterday he said he won’t be coming today but he did, at time when sun started to rise. Time has taught me how not to loose my cool and to be okay in such situations. I am used to delays & rejections but a person who is involved in care giving should definitely maintain certain minimum standards of compassion over prioritizing the money aspect.

What they don’t realize is that money can’t purchase everything in this world and they must have kindness in their heart along with a smiling face because it will provide huge comfort to a person like me.


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