Akhil Joseph

Going Against The Flow

Difficulties as well as challenges are a part and parcel of my existence. Not just mine, but everyone’s life. For me, it’s a routine thing owing to my physical challenges or the challenges thrown upon me by others personally and professionally.

But somewhere life has trained me to overcome and face whatever comes my way. Recently, someone faulted on my one of the flagship offerings for reasons only they know. But I never give up! I work on how to become a better version of myself, and a Google suspension won’t and can’t stop me from putting my best foot forward. Well, the incident is just one of the examples of many challenges.

Things will come back to normal and I am very much confident about that because hard work and dedication will never go in vain. Okay, that was the professional thing.

Now some personal stuff, we all have friends whom we trust blindly. I had too! We never think twice before helping them. Emotionally… Financially… But we never receive the same kind of response from them. Nothing hurts more. Anyway, no matter what happens, I never give up.

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